Scholarships for OSHP members

Due to anticipated significant capital expenditures at our building on Market Street and the continued impact of limited performances due to COVID-19, the Board of Directors has decided to suspend its scholarship program for 2023. We look forward to our membership helping us meet these temporary financial challenges so that we can reinstate our scholarship program in the future.

Past winners

2022: Alex Daspit, Kyle Kapusta, Will Karls, Brendan Moore

2021:Alex Daspit, Alexcia Johnson, Kyle Kapusta, Arik Zintel

2020: Alex Daspit, Kyle Kapusta, Leah Manicor, Claire Michels, Grace Michels, Miranda Moore, John Unertl, Arik Zintel

2019: Alex Anderson, Elyse Harvancik, Erin Milleville, Miranda Moore, John Unertl, Arik Zintel

2018: Amelia Dyer, Audra Dyer, Ashton Florence, Elyse Harvancik, Helena Pope, John Unertl, Ali Zimmerman, Arik Zintel

2017: Nathan Anderson, Katelyn Curtin, Ben Tierman, John Unertl

2016: Jacob Berggren, Elliot Jacobs, Ryan Wood, Emme Hannibal, and John Unertl IV

2015: Jacob Berggren, Katelyn Curtin, Samantha Elmer, and Erin Milleville

2014: Olivia Crary, Samantha Elmer, Madeline Fitzgerald, Nathan Fosbinder, and John Unertl IV

2013: Olivia Crary, Tarah Crary, Samantha Elmer, Nathan Fosbinder, and Willy Subach

2012: Jessica Brooke, Samantha Elmer, Nathan Fosbinder, Erica Nett, Tiffany Root, Alexander Smith, and Willy Subach

2011: Olivia Crary, Nathan Fosbinder, and Erica Nett

2010: Hilary Carpenter, Amanda Crary, Matthew Rittenhouse, Nathan Fosbinder, Tiffany Root, and Allison Weber