Hats Off! Awards

Purpose: To recognize individuals and families who represent the continuing commitment, the artistic and personal growth, and the willingness to contribute to all areas of productions that are the heart and soul of OSHP.

Everyone who works with OSHP deserves recognition and our deepest thanks. The people honored with these awards have been selected as representatives of the Straw Hat spirit that is in all of us, the spirit of selfless dedication, service to the group as a whole, and the striving for excellence that we all aspire to. In honoring these people, we honor everyone who helps make OSHP possible.

Hats Off! Award Recipients
2023 Evelyn Becker, Jordan Hake, Sydney Hake, Tracy Hines
2022 Sami Elmer, Bonnie Hann, Kyle Kapusta, Sierra Rottier, The Black Family, The Jacobs Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Pete Nichols
2019 Tom Elmer, Querida Funck, Will Karls, Sue Milleville, John Unertl III
2018 Miranda Moore, Curtis White, The Briski Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Jen Nichols, Julie Wood
2017 Ashton Florence, Emily Richardson, The Unertl Family
2016 Caty Abitz, Jacob Berggren, Wade Crary, The Kapusta Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Pamela Crary
2015 Maddie Fitzgerald, Elliot Jacobs, Kyle Kapusta, Lianna Schmidt, The Reynolds Family
2014 Brenda Abitz, Becky (Cripps) Rosenow, Laurie Fellenz, Rebekkah and Sarah Schultz, Steve Schumacher, Jonas Temte, The Crary Family, The Milleville Family, The Family of OSHP Orchestra Players
2013 Jessica Brooke, Erin Milleville, Alexander Smith, John Unertl IV, Ryan Wood, Steve Zach, The Abitz Family, The Fitzgerald Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: David Lawver, Jeanne Jacques O'Malley
2012 Pam Elmer, Caleb Mathura, Christopher Phistry, Karen Weber, Patty Zach
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Sarah Karlen
2011 Pam Crary, Mike Gorman, Brett Kapusta, Emily Niemeyer, Dana Stein, Isabella Stein, The Wood Family
2010 Sami Elmer, Tom Elmer, Theresa Fosbinder, Gerry Karlen, Matt Rittenhouse, Larissa Root, Caitlin Zach, The Martin Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Joel Kapusta
2009 Amanda, Olivia, and Tarah Crary; Nicholas Kapusta; Tiffany Root; Dan Subach; Allison Weber; Maureen Zach; The Wendy Jones Hill and Stan Hill Family; The Schmidt Family
2008 Shane Dammen, Jeff Fosbinder, Nathan Fosbinder, Alison Janssen, Jacque Milski, Emma Syth, The Weber Family, The Zach Family
2007 David Gooze, José Polansky, Stephanie Rittenhouse, Willy Subach, The Stein Family
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Duane Draper (awarded retroactively)
Duane Draper Lifetime Achievement Award: Patricia Gullo Hetland
2006 Wade Crary, Sami Elmer, Rachel Hetland, Patrick Mielke, Jen Nichols, Jeanne Jacques O'Malley, The Oemichen Family, The Karlen Family
2005 Erin Dammen, Mary Gooze, Beth Hetland, Stan Hill, Joel Kapusta, The Crary Family, The Fosbinder Family
2004 Dale Bartz, Mike Gorman, Megan Hottman, Sarah Karlen, David Lawver, Bridget Zach, The Elmer Family, The Subach Family
2003 Amy Dachenbach, John Hetland, Wendy Jones, Chelsea Merrigan, Annette Nichols, Annie Oemichen, Joe Wilson, Steve Witherspoon, The Hetland Family, The Hill Family, The Nichols Family
2002 Duane Draper, Rachel Hetland, Dee Mitchell, Larry Serna, Charlie Uphoff, The Gooze Family
2001 Tammy Albrecht, Rebecca Crook, Querida Funck, Elizabeth Hetland, Joel Kapusta, Jace Nichols, Jen Nichols, Peter Nichols, Christopher Phistry, Christine Weigt, Laura Wineland, The Albrecht Family
2000 Patricia Gullo Hetland, David Lawver
1999 Matt Albrecht, Sarah Karlen, Jeanne Jacques O'Malley, Julie Seaborg, Eric Tissot, Louise Uphoff, Brendan Younger, The Wineland Family
1998 Emilea Pickett, Roger Allen Rickman, Clarissa Shockley, Robin Talley, Steve Witherspoon, The Hillary Family, The Kiss Me Kate Family
1997 Nancy Cox, Duane Draper, Peter Nichols, The Tissot Family
1996 Ryan Bertelson, Alison Janssen, James Mach, The Albrecht Family
Board Members Special Recognition: Duane Draper
1995 Nate Guenther, Patricia Gullo Hetland, Joel Kapusta, Annette Nichols, Jen Nichols, Deb Veenstra, Dan Williams, J. David Wright, The Hetland Family, The Nichols Family
1994 Christopher Brown, Laura Pitt, Bethanie Rufer, Fred Younger, The Uphoff Family
1993 Richard Atwood, Peter Nichols
1992 Julie Brindley Wood, Carrie Kummer, Jean Schaefer, Alice Seeliger
1991 Karen Tyler
1990 Duane Draper, Patricia Gullo Hetland, Phyllis Hanson, Paul Heitmann, Julie A. Hustad, Joel Kapusta, Kurt Schnabel, Karen Shockley
1989 Judy Heitmann, Jace Nichols, Jeanne Jacques O'Malley, Mary Rowe-Schmitz, Julie Seaborg, Michael A. Watts

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